Benefits of proxyserver

Have you ever heard people talking and praising proxy server and wonder about the advantages of it? Well, the proxy server is used as an intermediary between a web browser and the internet. The following are the advantages of using a proxy server.


Once the proxy server cache data, the work is speeded up, caching reduces your bandwidth use. The proxy server will reduce the time you need for a site to pick up, and the overall delivery of the web content will be more efficient.

Security and privacy

The Proxy server only comes between your computer and the content you want, this will limit the capability of a server to identify specifically what you are doing. When you access a website through a proxy, that website would only register your traffic as coming from the IP location of the rather than from your personal IP address. This protects your computer from malware threats on the internet. Furthermore, hackers, spammers and scammers will not be able to access your computer when you use a proxy server.

Filtered content

The Proxy server is used to overcome region specific content restrictions. The website like Facebook and Google Docs may be restricted by government in some countries; a proxy server will enable you to access them easily. Furthermore, the proxy server is used to access protected files on a corporate network from a remote region.

Access websites filtered by institution

Some schools and institution only allow access to certain websites. When the websites are filtered by the ISP, then you can bypass an ISP proxy by setting your browser to use another proxy server.

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New Laptops

Durability of New Laptops

Laptops were once the sort of items that only the very rich could be able to afford. Owning a laptop was a veritable status symbol for anyone, which is a situation that has changed substantially since then. Now, laptops are commonplace items. People will go through several laptops throughout their lives.


Some younger people may even view laptops as somewhat old-fashioned items. They are far from obsolete, but people can perform most of the exact same functions using their smartphones and other mobile devices. A laptop could be regarded as an early mobile device, but even the smallest laptops are much larger and more ungainly than the mobile devices of today. As such, the attitudes that people might have towards laptop repair and computer repair in general are going to change right along with the times.



Laptop Repair

In some cases, laptop repair is going to be significantly more expensive than buying a new laptop will be, which is going to make the financial calculation very straightforward for anyone. In other cases, the repair is going to be less expensive, but it is going to be time-consuming enough that a lot of people are simply going to want to buy new laptops in order to save them the associated time. Deciding between these two very different extremes is going to be very difficult for anyone.

PC repair is going to be easier to calculate financially for desktops, which are often more expensive than laptops these days, and which serve a different function. They sometimes have capabilities that laptops lack. People might be willing to invest more time and energy in the repair of their desktops. When it comes to their laptops, these days, people might be more enthusiastic about simply switching to their mobile devices.


Development of Laptops

Some people think that laptops are going to disappear altogether as people completely make the transition to mobile devices. Other experts believe that there will always be a niche for laptops. Plenty of people like literally being able to type into their laps, and prefer the stance associated with laptops to the stance associated with more modern mobile devices. Laptops have been around for a long time for a reason, and people have gotten used to them.

However, even long-term laptop users are starting to increasingly look at laptops as disposable items. Going to Best Buy and similar locations for laptop repair is inconvenient, and the technicians usually have nothing to offer except for expensive repair options that will deprive people of their laptops for several days at a time, and this is all in service of a failing computer that will only last for a few more years. People use their laptops for a good portion of their days nowadays, and using the laptop that often is going to cause more wear and tear.

People can now purchase basic laptops for less than two hundred dollars. Going down the aisle in Best Buy in order to purchase a simple laptop may be the cost-effective option.

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A Proxy Server and Computer Make Internet Searches Faster


What is a Proxy Server? 

It is a computer or software system functioning as a link between a web browser such as Internet Explorer and the Internet. It can exist in the same computer as a firewall server, or it can be on a separate server which sends requests through the firewall. The proxy server and computers will help to improve the performance on the web by storing a copy of webpages visited often. When the browser asks for a webpage filed in the proxy server’s collection, it is given by the proxy server which is a faster method than going to the web. They also help improve security with their filters screening out certain web content and malicious software. Companies and organizations are the most common users of the proxy server, normally if connecting from home you would not have need for one.


A Simple Look at how Proxy Servers and Computers Work.

A request is received by the proxy server for an internet page. The proxy server will look in its file (cache) of pages looked at previously. If it can find the page, it restores it to the user without the user having to forward a request to the internet. If the pages are not in the file, the proxy server will then act on the user’s behalf and enlist the help of one its own IP addresses to request the page from the server on the internet. When the pages come back, the proxy server relates it to the original request and if relevant, sends it to the user. Example:



Both legal and illegal purposes can be done with a proxy server. In the business world, a proxy server is used as a means of security, administrative control, caching services and more. In a personal context, proxy servers enable a user’s privacy and anonymous surfing. They can also be used in illegal actions such as monitoring traffic and abusing user privacy.


A user will be unaware of the proxy server as it is invisible. The internet requests and the responses it finds for the user all appear to be directly from the internet server. It is not actually invisible as it is an IP address specified as a configuration option to the browser. There are options for the proxy servers; shared or dedicated. A shared proxy can be used by many while the dedicated will serve just one.


Reverse and Forward Proxy Servers

Reverse proxies handle all requests transparently without requiring any action be taken by the user. They are used for:

* Disabling access to a site when an ISP or government wishes to block a certain site.

* Stream internal content to internet users.

* Allow for load balancing between servers.


* Enable indirect access when a website does not allow direct connections as a security measure.

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